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Baby Care

Are you looking for someone to take care of your new born, infant or toddler?

A child comes with a lot of responsibilities, and if you have recently become proud parents of a little bundle of joy, you certainly understand that there's no end to the list of tasks at hand. Looking after a child can often get tiring and parents often feel the need for a helping hand. This is where Medfind steps in.

We provide sensitive caregivers who are well-equipped to meet your child's physical and emotional needs. Your tiny human is as precious to us as it is to you; so rest assured, your child is in safe hands with Medfind nurses.

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Who is it for

Our staff at Medfind is trained to handle children in the following different age groups:

  • New born (0 - 1 month)
  • Infant (1 month to 1 year)
  • Toddler (1 - 3 years)
  • Child of 3-10 years

Mr. Agarwal's Story

When we became parents about 4 months back we were overjoyed and worried at the same time as it was our first baby. At that time I had a lot of work in office so I was worried that someone skilled in baby care should be there with my wife and daughter till I get back home from work. We searched on the internet and came across many companies who provided such services but after screening properly we narrowed our search down to Medfind. We hired a 12 hour day nurse and have been very happy since. The day the nurse came my daughter became fond of her. The nurse knew her job quite well and did all the tasks like changing the nappy, taking her to bed and bathing her. My wife also enjoyed her company a lot and it was a great learning experience for my wife. Its been 4 months now and we are still taking Medfind's services. It doesn't cease to amaze me that in todays time we were able to find such a affectionate and caring nurse for our daughter.

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What it includes

At Medfind, our main priority is the overall development of your child and therefore, our nurses ensure that nutrition, hygiene and safety are always well-taken care of. Medfind offers 2 different kinds of services for different age groups:

For kids upto 3 months of age, we suggest that you opt for the services of a Baby Nurse. All our baby nurses have undergone pedatric training. Right from changing the baby's diapers to assistance in feeding, cradling the baby to sleep to getting her to burp after a feed, our baby nurses will be right by your side to help you!

Time flies by unimaginably fast with a baby around. Before you realise, your little one starts crawling and you always need to keep an eye on her. She starts turning in bed, so you need to surround her with pillows, lest she falls off. It's time to introduce her to different types of food items to develop her taste. For a child in this age group of >3 months, we recommend a Baby Attendant, who will provide the personalized attention your child now requires.

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How we do it

All our nurses are healthcare professionals who're given training about the needs of a young baby. Our nurses are also taught to encourage self-help skills (dressing, toileting, washing and eating) in the child as and when the infants/toddlers show signs of readiness.

Before a nurse is appointed, we collect general information about your child such as her habits/needs and likes/dislikes, daily routine, food allergies, bowel functions, sleeping and eating behaviours in order to help understand your child better. Accordingly, we develop a plan to cater to your child's needs. This also includes a Feeding Plan and a Toilet Training Plan as well as any additional services required by the child. At the end of the day, it is for the smile on your tiny human's face that we at Medfind strive for!

Our Clients

A team of committed healthcare professionals who strive to provide the most comfortable environment for your baby: Till now, we have worked with:

  1. Klay Prep Schools and day care
  2. The Little company
  3. Max Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

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