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You might trust your doctor blindly, but there are times when the diagnosis they suggest doesn't completely satisfy you. Especially if the course of treatment involves surgeries, just to be sure, it is always better that you get a second opinion. This is where Medfind can step in. Based on your requirements, we have a network of doctors, who'll give you a second opinion on your ongoing treatment, so that you take a well-informed decision. This service is for invitation holders only.

Mr. Gupta's Story

“My son had a terrible accident while returning from office. He was severely injured and had lost consciousness. The doctor told us that his condition was serious due to excess blood loss. After a couple of days in hospital, his condition started improving, and he finally regained consciousness. This is when the doctor informed us that he would need intensive care for a few more months. After staying in the ICU for over a month, we had spent lakhs of rupees and were strongly hit by the cost of the treatment. The doctor saw us struggling and suggested that we set up an ICU at home. We did some research about this on the internet and called Mefind. The team at Medfind turned my son's bedroom into a mirror image of the ICU. Thanks to Medfind, my son has recovered and is taking rehabilitation sessions.”

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Who Is It For?

  • Those who've been recommended a major surgery, looking for a second opinion
  • Patients who've been on life support, looking for alternate treatment options
  • Those who're not satisfied with their initial diagnosis, looking for a second opinion

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Why Medfind?

  • Convenient 24*7 accessibility to well qualified doctors
  • The patient is recommended the best hospital for their treatment
  • Consultation through phone, email and Skype available
  • Option of consulting the doctor either at home or office also available

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