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Yoga and Naturopathy at Home

Yoga, an ancient discipline with its roots in India, means ‘union’, a physical and spiritual methodology performed under the watchful eye of our trained instructor, work towards the union of the body-mind-soul.

Naturopathy, a non-traditional form of alternative medicine that believes in the power of nature cure - a simple, unsophisticated, accommodative, and cheap health care system of man developing in perfect balance with nature.

Receive the goodness of both in the comfort of your home with Medfind’s trained service providers.

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Treatments & Therapies

This holistic system works on the underlying belief that the 5 elements in the universe – earth, water, air, fire and space – that make up our bodies too, have the power to heal our systems of any ailments. Using the purest organic products, naturopathy ditches the use of chemicals and synthetic products to focus on naturally available and fresh produce—nature and polyhouse farms are our best friends!

Air Therapy

A 20 minute walk combined with exercise, deep breathing, and cold rub in fresh air helps cleans the system. The fresh air and skin comes in contact to ease nervousness, neurasthenia and heal skin ailments.

Water Therapy

  1. Hot Foot & Arm Bath: Using the right salts in water that is sufficiently hot, both feet and arms are dipped to aid in the treatment of piles, indigestion, insomnia, headaches, asthma and so much more.
  2. Hip Baths: Water in its most basic form, heated and cooled at different temperatures ranging from ice cold to 45 degrees hot, when used to immerse the below navel region can heal body pain, inflammation of the bladder/urethra, sciatica, painful spasms, cellulitis, renal stones, digestion, and many more disorders.
  3. Enema: A natural water therapy procedure that helps clean the colon and intestines. All the waste accumulated due to consumption of processed and refined food that makes the insides toxic, is removed. This natural process helps relieve constipation, flatulence, indigestion etc.

Earth Therapies

(Manipulative therapies-Mud, Massage and Magnets)

These are body based therapies that treat conditions through bodily manipulation. Special handling techniques like vibro therapy, oil therapy, hot stone therapy, and deep tissue therapy promote the healing of the body. While it may not be a substitute for medical cure, yet it successfully minimises the need for surgery and strong medication.

Space Therapy

Fasting Therapy: Calculative abstinence from some or all food and drink types, for a period of time, along with a peaceful environment aids the self-healing of the body.

Fire Therapy

Also known as the Sun element therapy, it uses the seven colours of seven different wavelengths affecting the body differently, along with heated water to produce specific effects to treat stress, indigestion, and even infertility.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Ultimate body healing and detoxifying therapy that helps cleans and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

Using natural products, Vamana, Virechana, Niroohavasti, Nasya and Anuvasanavasti pluck away the deep rooted imbalances in the body, profoundly impacting the nervous system.


An ancient healing art that uses fingers to gradually apply pressure to key points, stimulating the body’s natural self-curative abilities.

Boosting the immune system, it aids self-treatment and relieves stress.


From orthopaedic to therapeutic treatments, using mechanical force directly on the body, physiotherapy relieves pain and can help avoid surgeries and heavy medicinal doses.

Laughter Therapy

One of the simplest and fun therapies to benefit the body from within. With the release of endorphin, one instantly feels positive, making the overall healing quicker and easier.

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Who can benefit?

Yoga and Naturopathy have no bar, they are for all health conscious people who wish to be healthy, the natural way. Whether your issue is stress or infertility , nature can help cure it all.

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Why Medfind?

  1. Our experts work with immense dedication to heal the patients as early as possible.
  2. Years of experience and proven record of healing patients at their homes
  3. All our yoga and naturopathy professionals are well-qualified
  4. Sensitive towards the needs of the client and their demands

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