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Wheel Chair

To make the rehabilitation process easier, we offer a wide range of wheelchairs including both manual and electrical wheelchairs.


For patients recovering from a surgery with difficulty in movement, buying a commode chair is a wise option.

Tubular Air Mattress

A bed ridden patient is at risk of developing bed sores lying still in the hospital bed. Tubular mattresses helps in preventing bed sores.



A nebulizer helps clear the airway. It also facilitates easier inhalation of medicines and is a must for patients with respiratory problems.

Pulse Oximeter

It is an easy and painless device to measure the oxygen level of the blood.

Oxygen Concentrator

It supplies 90-95% pure oxygen and is highly recommended for patients who've been prescribed long term oxygen therapy. The device works on electricity without any kind of refilling.

PAP Devices

Choose from our wide range of PAP devices which are used to clear any obstruction in the airway.

Nasal Aspirator

An aspirator is mostly used for kids to clear the mucus. It comes with a set of filters which keeps the bacteria away.

Suction Machine

Suction machine is used to clear secretions in the airway to help make breathing easier. It is used for patients with chest congestion.

Oxygen Cylinder

We offer cylinders in all sizes that will last from 1-2 hours to 16-20 hours. Medfind also provides refilled cylinders as per your requirement.


Ventilator is a crucial medical equipment, which is why we offer a variety of models with different specifications to choose from.

DVT Pump

DVT Pumps help assist the blood circulation in the human body.

Measuring Equipment

BP Monitor

Choose from a wide range of BP monitors, an instrument required for everyone to keep a check on their health.


You don't need to go to any lab for sugar tests as now you can do the test at your home with a glucometer.

5-Para and Cardiac Monitors

A very important instrument in the ICU setup, the cardiac monitor anlyzes the heart activity of the patient every second.

Portable EEG

Get your electroencephalogram (EEG) done at your home using our portable EEG machine. It is as accurate as the big eeg machines in hospitals.

Portable ECG Machine

Get your Electro Cardio Graph (ECG) done at your home using our portable ECG machine. It is very small ulnike the ones in hospital.

Portable X-Ray

We have portable x-rays that can be brought to your home to take xray so that you don't have to go to any lab.


Manual Hospital Beds

From basic to semi fowler beds, we offer a wide range of manual hospital beds which cam easily be adjusted as per the patient's convenience.

Automatic Hospital Beds

From basic automatic beds to high end 5 function electric bed, we provide the right hospital beds to match the quality of beds in top hospitals.

IV Stands

We provide wide variety of durable IV stands with stainless steel body. All our IV stands have wheels attached giving them the flexibility of moving around the house easily.

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