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Medical Concierge

When a family member is in the hospital, other than the treatment of the patient, there are numerous other aspects involved. There is hospital-related paperwork, medicines to be purchased, insurance claims to be filed, among a lot of other things. With the never-ending list of tasks at hand, you're constantly juggling. To ease the burden from your shoulders, so that you can solely focus on the health of your loved one, Medfind offers the services of medical concierges (only for invitation holders). The medical concierge will be like a personal assistant at your beck and call to help you with all the tasks related to hospitalisation, from admission to filing insurance claims.

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What does it include?

Our medical concierge will assist you at every stage during hospitalisation. They'll help you coordinate the following:

  • Getting admission in hospital 
  • Fixing appointments with the required expert doctors for consultation
  • Coordinating with pathology labs fir reports etc., in case the doctor asks for lab tests
  • Managing all treatment related paperwork which includes bills, insurance claims, prescriptions,etc.
  • Assisting you in getting all the medical equipment you require at the best possible price.

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Payal's Experience

“My husband was diagnosed with dengue 4 months back. While his fever was reducing, so was his platelet count. The doctor immediately asked me to arrange for platelets for a transfusion, before his condition worsened any further. I don’t have any family here and I also had to look after my 3-year-old daughter. It was a tough time for me and I didn’t know how to proceed; I was completely lost. That is when one of my colleagues told me that she had an extra invite for medical concierge services of Medfind. I contacted them and their medical concierge contacted me promptly. He came to the hospital, had a chat with the doctor and immediately set to work. I was with my husband all the time, while he took care of arranging platelets and all the other formalities. Without his assistance, I don’t know how I’d have sailed through my husband’s illness. Thank you Medfind!”

Services for Medical Tourists in India

As access to medical facilities is becoming more and more expensive worldwide, a lot of people these days are opting to travel to India for their medical treatment. Travelling to a new country, that too for medical purposes, can be an exhausting affair. At Medfind, we want you to focus only on taking care of your loved one, while we take care of the rest by assigning you a medical concierge. After your arrival here, we assign you a medical concierge who looks after each and every need of yours. Right from taking you to the concerned doctors to hospitalization, he/she will be there by your side to ensure that all procedures get facilitated smoothly.

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Why MedFind’s Medical Concierge

  • All our medical concierges are highly resourceful and have thorough knowledge of India’s best hospitals and doctors
  • Our concierges undergo proper training, in which they learn how to handle different situations in and around the hospital
  • We have a large network of medical equipment providers to get you the most technologically advanced equipment at best prices.

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