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Medical Tourism service in India

Planning to visit India for a medical treatment, but confused which hospital to opt for? Which doctor to consult? Where to stay? This is where Medfind steps in and takes care of all your worries! Right from visa to accommodation to fixing appointments with the best doctors, our team will assist you at each step!

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Our Services

We at Medfind understand that travelling for a medical treatment can be stressful, which is why our team will guide you at every step. This is how it works:

  1. Analyse your medical history: Once you get in touch with us, our doctors will analyse your medical history and suggest the best possible treatment that you should opt for!
  2. Getting the right hospital: After studying your medical history, the team will shortlist the best hospital for your treatment and get in touch with the concerned doctors.
  3. Bookings and accommodation: After fixing an appointment with the concerned doctor, we book your travel tickets to India and arrange for your stay here. To ensure that your stay is comfortable, we've tied up with leading hotels in India to provide you with the best stay possible.
  4. Medical Concierge: After your arrival here, we assign you a medical concierge who looks after each and every need of yours. Right from taking you to the concerned doctors to hospitalization, he/she will be there by your side to ensure that all procedures get facilitated smoothly 

Layeq's Story

Ten months ago, my wife complained of breathlessness one night. We rushed her to the hospital where the doctor ordered an X-ray. He suspected a tumour in her lung. A biopsy was conducted and we discovered that it was cancerous and at stage 2. The doctor suggested that we show her to a good oncologist. Since there were no good specialists in our country, we decided to go to India for treatment. Through the internet, we got in touch with Medfind, which guided us through the whole process. They fixed our appointment with an oncologist in Delhi and took care of our visa and travel tickets. When we landed in Delhi, Medfind's medical concierge came to receive us at the airport. He handled everything, I just had to take care of my wife and everything else was taken care of by him. The tumour removal surgery was successful and my wife was declared cancer-free. We went back to Somalia and come back every six months for checkup. Without Medfind, I wouldn't have been able to manage everything so well. Thank you Medfind, for assisting us at each and every step!

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Who can benefit?

With Medfind, travelling to India for medical treatment is no longer a hassle. Both for the patient and accompanying family members, Medfind makes the entire process easier. The accompanying members can peacefully devote all their time in taking care of the patient, we at Medfind will take care of the rest!

Why Medfind?

  • Team of resourceful doctors who help you find the right doctor according to your treatment
  • We handle your visa and travel bookings
  • Provision of full time medical concierge for your assistance
  • Tie-ups with numerous hotels to provide you with the best accommodation in your budget
  • On returning to your country after the treatment, we follow up with the doctors here and show your reports as and when required

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