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Elderly Care

As age catches on, the human body gets weak. Sometimes, even if the body is fit, loneliness creeps in. With hectic lifestyles, people are unable to give their parents/grandparents the kind of company they should be given/deserve. This is where Medfind can step in. We have trained attendantsphysiotherapists and skilled nurses, to look after the elderly and make sure that their twilight years go smoothly.

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What it includes?

Elderly care at Medfind is divided into two categories:

  1. Medical or Skilled Care: When an elderly person in your family has just been discharged from the hospital and is recuperating, or is suffering from any disease, and requires medical care and observation, we recommend that you opt for either a skilled nurse and/or a physiotherapist as required. Learn more…
  2. Social or Non Medical Care: In today's fast-paced life, where everyone is busy with their hectic schedules, most elderly people feel lonely, all alone at home. All they want is someone who can keep them company and assist them with essential day-to-day tasks. In such a scenario, Medfind recommends that you hire a trained attendant. Learn more…


Jigyasa's story

When my mother was detected with Alzheimer's two years ago, we thought it was not a big deal, but the doctor told us that it will keep getting worse with time. As time passed by, my mother started forgetting small things and eventually these small things became big. After making tea for herself, she would forget to turn the gas off or go out of the house and would forget her address. We initially thought that we would be able to take care of her, but after we saw such things happening regularly, we decided to get a full-time attendant who would constantly look after her. We hired Sunita as an attendant from Medfind and life became very easy after that. She keeps a constant eye on my mother and does not let her get away from her sight even for one second. Since this is a progressive disease, my mother's memory loss is increasing, but because of Sunita, we feel relatively relaxed. She has become a good companion to my mother and listens to her repetitive stories very patiently.

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The needs of every family is different, which is why, we offer three different timing options which you can choose from:

  • Day Nurse / Trained Attendant- 12 hours
  • Night Nurse / Trained Attendant- 12 hours
  • Full-Time Nurse / Trained Attendant- 24 hours

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Our team of skilled nurses and trained attendants has been well-trained to take care of the elderly. Some of the services which they will provide include:

  • Timely medication
  • Proper feeding and diet regulation
  • Assistance with using the toilet and bathing
  • Providing company
  • Being patient and calm if they turn aggressivse
  • Taking them out for walks and encouraging them to exercise as their health permits


Physiotherapy services for the elderly

With age, most adults suffer from problems like general weakness, joint stiffness, body pain etc. In such cases, physiotherapy is a good way to help their body undergo these changes as smoothlessly as possible. Medfind provides well-trained physiotherapists at your doorstep.

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Who all Can Benefit?

  • Family members suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and needs to be under observation 24*7
  • Elders experiencing pain in their joints and general weakness
  • Bedridden patients who require a trained attendant to assist with their daily chores
  • Critically ill patients who need a nurse to provide hospital-like services at home
  • Elderly people who need company and basic assistance in daily tasks

Why Medfind?

  • All our nurses and physiotherapists are well-qualified 
  • Years of experience in ICUs in some of the top hospitals of India
  • Proven track record of taking care of the elderly at home
  • The staff is selected after a thorough background check
  • Sensitive towards the needs of the client and their demands

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